Recent Studies on Current Bail Bond Services and Practices

It is extremely terrible when we found our families and loved ones trapped behind rusty bars. We do not just want to let them be stuck there, so what we do is post bail them. However, more often than not, the bail amount that is set by the court is no joke – most of the time it is pricey and costly; that is why we resort and seek help from the best bail bonds Santa Ana company.

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There are a set of factors and individuals that are involved in the bailing process. The clients, the bail bonds company, the bail bondsman or dealer, and the trial court. Allow us to take you on a textual, informational tour or a walk-through on the things that are related to the bailing process itself. First, let us give you the dictionary definitions of some of the most important factors of the process.

The Bail

Some people may be wondering what the definition of bail is, and how it is included in the release of any accused individual. Bail is basically the temporary release of anyone accused of a crime awaiting for a trial. Oftentimes, they are released on a condition that a certain sum or amount of money should be settled or lodged to ensure and guarantee their appearance in the court during their trials and hearing sessions. Commonly, bail is referred to as the surety and assurance. Many accused individuals all over the world are rewarded a temporary freedom and release because of bail. Bail can be in the form of money or property that is deposited or pledged to any trial court to ensure the release from jail or custody of any suspect who has been arrested, with respect and understanding that the accused will return for their trial and face his or her law charges. In over a hundred of states in the US, it is allowed and legal for commercial parties to post bail on behalf of the accused individual or their family; these commercial parties are referred to as bail bondsmen or bail bonds service provider. Although this practice is legal in the US, it is illegal in some parts of the world.

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The Bail Bondsman

A bail bondsman, commonly called as bail bond agent, bond dealer or bail bonds person, is any individual, company, corporation or agency the acts as a guarantor or surety, and pledges money to post bail any accused individual. They guarantee the court that the accused person will show up on the days of their hearing sessions and trials. These bail bondsmen are often associated with banks, insurance companies, and other similar institutions. They swear to pay the whole bail amount to release the accused person from jail the same day. These practitioners often add about a certain percent or additional services fees on-top of the total bail amount as per contract. Although it is given that service fees apply, it still varies from one contract to another based on the agreement that the clients made with their chosen bail bond service provider. Bail bonds Cleveland company can provide you with a surety bond if you need one.

The Bailing Process: Then and Now

You might be wondering how these businesses are done with these so-called bail bondsmen. You never know when and how you will need them; that is why it is equally important to familiarize yourself and know them and the businesses and processes that they do. There are traditional practices, while there are modern and advanced methods in providing bail bond services. Allow us to give you a glimpse of how the bailing process was done during the old times. The first ever bail bond services were established in the US back in 1898. However, there were tablets found and are believed to be present during the early years that depict surety bail bond agreements.

These artifacts were found in Iraq. Back then, accused citizens were released from jail by hiring an indemnity to pay a certain amount (can be coins or private property), and to pledge that the defendant will appear on the day of his or her court trials. An example of these properties used to pay the bail were animals like a sheep. The modern practices do not differ from the old and traditional methods in a drastic way. Today, bail bondsmen are hired by accused individuals or defendants to pay the whole bail amount that is set by the court. Studies show that accused persons that had availed bail bond services and were released from jails appear at the court more often than those who were not post bailed by bond dealers. The bond dealers commonly deal with local banks and insurance companies for financial support. Bail bonds persons have lengthy and text-heavy contracts and agreements, so make sure that you read it word for word before signing the papers.